Dynojet inc. Is a dynamic company focused in the motor industry and linked with high-tech electronics technology, with its emphasis and focus on the dynamics of tunning through fuelling and ignition control.

Dynojet not only develops the software but also the hardware to be used with it, providing a complete solution for your tunning needs that takes your business to the next level of expertise without leaving a vaccum after your investment is done.


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Dynojet is an excellent investment when kept up to date with the latest free software upgrades and training it will reduce waisted labour time and increase your profitability toghether with you productivity.

Dynojet strives to get you the best result, giving you today the only real time autotune fuelling solution hability out of any product in the marked available at an affordable price to the public.

Dynojet is available for most motorcycles, quads and automotive applications of vehicles manufactured worldwide, presented in a plug and play form of the highest standard.

Dynojet manufatures the leading dynamometer machines in the supersport market as well as on the automotive sector and they are the leaders in fuel injection tinning with their the unique tuninglink software to make sure that your application follows the very best standard.

Dynojet shifters can be used through ignition, fuelling, and are found to be used by the best riders in the world at all levels of competition.

With dynojet, your client returns and brings his best friend… who also owns a bike.

With your dynojet dynamometer and your highly qualified technicians your investment will send your business to the high tech sector with top after sales service.

When you invest in dynojet you invest in your business future.



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Please note that any aftermarket non OEM parts and accessories will void your warranty. ( All aftermarket non OEM parts will void your Warranty)